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Late 19th Century Pretty Bohemian Glass Scent Bottle

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A pretty octagonal shaped Bohemian Glass Scent Bottle with gilt over painted decoration. Late 19th Century/Victorian

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W-8 H-15 (cm)

Item Reference:

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Item Ref Code: 59035-864-2
Item No. 59035 - Dealer No. 864 - Building No. 2


A pretty Bohemian Glass Scent Bottle, dating from the late 19thc/Victorian era. It would have been used and displayed on a ladies dressing table, just as it still could be today.

The bottle is an octagonal shape, decorated with gilt over painted decoration and the glass stopper is associated (ie rather than being original to bottle).

Bohemian glass, was produced in the regions of Bohemia and Silesia, now parts of the Czech Republic. The area has a long history of being internationally recognised for its high quality, craftsmanship, beauty and often innovative designs. Hand-cut, engraved, blown and painted decorative glass items were among the best known exports from the region.

Bohemia, a part of the Czech Republic (formerly part of Czechoslovakia, that had previously been part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and originally part of the Czech Kingdom or Kingdom of Bohemia), became famous for its beautiful and colourful glass during the Renaissance. The history of Bohemian glass started with the abundant natural resources found in the countryside.

Bohemian glass-workers discovered potash combined with chalk created a clear colourless glass that was more stable than glass from Italy. In the 16th century the term Bohemian crystal was used for the first time to distinguish its qualities from glass made elsewhere. This glass contained no lead as is commonly suspected. This Czech glass could be cut with a wheel. In addition, resources such as wood for firing the kilns and for burning down to ashes were used to create potash. There were also copious amounts of limestone and silica. In the 17th century, Caspar Lehmann, gem cutter to Emperor Rudolf II in Prague, adapted to glass the technique of gem engraving with copper and bronze wheels. During the era, the Czech lands became the dominant producer of decorative glassware and the local manufacture of glass earned international reputation in high Baroque style from 1685 to 1750.

Czech glassware became as prestigious as jewellery and was sought-after by the wealthy and the aristocracy of the time. Czech crystal chandeliers could be found in the palaces of the French king Louis XV, Maria Theresa, Empress of Austria, and Elizabeth of Russia.

Bohemia turned out expert craftsmen who artfully worked with crystal. Bohemian crystal became famous for its excellent cut and engraving. They became skilled teachers of glass-making in neighbouring and distant countries. By the middle of the 19th century, a technical glass-making school system was created that encouraged traditional and innovative techniques as well as thorough technical preparation.

Dimensions of Scent Bottle are:

Height: 15 cm, including glass stopper (11 cm, not including glass stopper)

Diameter: 8 cm (maximum)


Item Reference
Height: 15 cm
Width: 8 cm
1837 - 1901, C19th (Victorian)
In good condition for age and purpose, without any damage, although glass stopper is associated rather than original to bottle


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