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Antique desks at Hemswell Antique Centres

Antique desks: how to choose the right one

From drums to Davenports, antique desks are as widely varied as the writers who’ve sat at them. While their original purpose was to provide a stable surface for old-fashioned artistry and literacy, they’re now well-coveted pieces for modern homes and offices.
More than old relics: What is the future of antiques?

More than old relics: What is the future of antiques?

Recessions will come and go, tastes will change and buying habits will fluctuate. Among it all, antiques will continue to thrive. From the rise of the online antique store to shifts in interiors, dealers and collectors are stepping into the future to adapt to a more digital world. But can new-age portals ever replicate the euphoria of an in-store trawl?
antique cabinet with glass

The Joy of Antique Cabinets & How to Spot a Valuable Example

Our ancestors storage and display needs were always met with grandeur. Despite being some of the most expensive furniture ever made, many antique cabinets can be found at affordable prices. Wonderfully varied, you could land upon chunky antique shop display cabinets at an auction one day followed by a slinky pair of antique bedside cabinets the next.
Antique Table Close Up

Antique tables: A buyer’s guide

From portable pieces to hefty dining tables, antique tables are wildly varied in style, quality, colour and size. Which also means they come with a range of price tags. Whatever your budget, you’ll be able to find antique tables for sale at fair values at Hemswell - the largest antiques centre in Europe. But first, you’ll want a good idea of what you’re looking for. Get to know your antique tables with our handy guide.

Four old-world pieces that instantly give a room character

There’s a timeless quality to antique furniture that makes it truly covetable in modern spaces. From the extravagant to the elegant, pieces throughout the centuries continue to delight designers and breathe unique life into interiors.

Enjoy an Exclusive Christmas Shopping Experience at Hemswell Antique Centres

Avoid the crowds this Christmas and start your Christmas shopping early at Hemswell Antique Centres. We have some unique Christmas gifts for that special someone; or treat yourself to rare vintage items that you won’t find on the High Street.
Where to find antique art for sale

Where to find antique art for sale

Antique art is in abundance in Britain today and bargain finds are lurking for anyone on the hunt for quality. With such a wide scope of antique art for sale, it’s helpful to educate yourself on which art antiques are of value before you dive in.
A guide to antique vases.

A guide to: Antique vases

It starts small. You get your hands on a couple of antique vases. Perhaps you stumble upon an 18th-century piece in your attic or discover an intriguing selection of antique Delft vases at an auction. All of a sudden you begin finding other vases for sale that you love and next thing you know - you have a collection.

How to identify antique pottery

From early Chinese porcelain to Royal Doulton antiques, no area of collecting offers a range quite as wide or varied as antique pottery. Much of it stems from the 20th century, or quite often you’ll find a late-Victorian piece for sale.

A guide to: Antique beds

"My second-best bed, with the furniture", William Shakespeare famously bequeathed to his wife in his last will and testament. Whatever the reason for her not inheriting the best bed (a much-debated topic), his words are proof of just how valuable today’s antique beds once were in households up until the 18th century.