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The only way is oak: Two furniture makers that will make you money

Nothing is quite as British as oak. It’s a national symbol of Blighty’s strength, power and resilience. Thanks to its remarkable durability, many of the latter are still around today.

How to value antique books for buying or selling

There's something beautiful about antique books, particularly in the age of the internet. They don’t just contain stories within their pages - it’s also the travelling they’ve done, the people they’ve been gifted to, the wars they’ve survived and the lives they’ve changed that make them a little bit magic.
What is antique brass? A brief guide to decorative metalware.

What is antique brass? A brief guide to decorative metalware

Standing the test of time as functional and decorative items over the centuries, antique brass is back in fashion. That low-shine element gives interior spaces an organic aesthetic that modern chrome simply cannot compare with.

How to clean antique furniture

The joy of antique furniture is that it can be used as well as admired.