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The Antique Lady 864

The Antique Lady has been trading since 2009, and has been in Building 2 at Hemswell Antiques Centre since 2011. She had already developed a keen interest and knowledge of antiques over many years previously and continues updating her skills with a particular emphasis on research. Items that she provides for sale consist of an eclectic mix, whether useful or decorative. This usually includes small pieces of furniture and other wooden items, paintings and various framed items, ceramics, glass, metal. The four basic principles, that she always endeavours to maintain when selecting any item, are: quality, condition, quirky and appreciation. Quality speaks for itself in that whatever any of us may be buying, and whether for ourselves or for someone else, good quality is always preferable and desirable. Condition of any item is always important, although occasionally a compromise may become acceptable. For example, in the case of an item that might be particularly rare, or required for completion of a set or to compliment other item/s, we may be prepared to accept some damage or repairs. Quirky or unusual, is always considered to be a bonus and often makes an item especially interesting. Appreciation and liking of any item is considered an essential ingredient, in order to be able to be absolutely sincere whether buying or selling.
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