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Wallis Silver 1264

Wallis Silver is the trading name of 'Seolfor Limited' I specialise in Georgian and Antique Silver. The word Seolfor comes from the old English Anglo-Saxon word for "SILVER" My family have been dealers of Antiques and Fine Silver for many years. The family business was first formed by my brother after he spent many years studying all aspects of the Antique trade before opening his first shop in 1965 called 'Michael & Elizabeth' This is where I found my interest in Antiques My understanding of Georgian and Antique Silver has been gained over the last 40 or so years. I have sold and shipped to all four corners of the world; I have a wealth of knowledge of the correct and safest way to handle precious items. I stock a wide variety of Georgian, Antique and Vintage Silver most of which you can see here on the website. Our inventory rangers from a Georgian tankard to an impressive Victorian table centre which would grace any home. If you can't see anything of interest please contact me as I may just have it or know someone that does.Always over 500 items for sale, from the Georgian to the Vintage period. Our site is updated on a weekly basis due to volume of turnover.
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