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Adfix Ironmongery Ltd 1619

Welcome to our Hemswell Antiques Centre Web Page you will find our display area in Building 3. Over 35 years ago Adfix Ironmongery was born out of a desire to create authentic vintage industrial and antique style ironmongery. What sets our range apart from other brands of ironmongery is its authenticity, all of our products have unique designs and finishes. Most of today’s ironmongery is mass produced and often finished in epoxy coatings, lacquer, or some other artificial finish. Because our range is hand-finished using traditional methods, you won’t receive identical looking products, you’ll get the authentic vintage or antique look that you’re aiming for. All of our cast iron products go through a five-stage hand-finishing process to help products age naturally over time and retain the authentic look. You’ll find our items originate from genuine castings or carefully copied from original designs, so every item tells a story. This is a range unique to Adfix Trade, using traditional hand forging and sand-casting methods. We are passionate about creating and designing new products so you can create beautiful products and looks for your valued customers.
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