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Art Decorative 1662

Welcome to our Hemswell Antique Centre webpage you will find us in Building 3 upstairs Dealer 1662. We are known as 'Art Decorative'. My husband and I have been dealing since 2013 and started off exhibiting at Fairs. We have a very eclectic stock covering Antique/Vintage/Decorative Antiques and Collectibles. I tend to buy what catches my eye as hopefully it will catch yours too, I like to buy Decorative items but also keep an eye out for the rare collectibles that are highly coveted as well as finding out about the latest trends which presently seems to be 'Mid Century' & Art Glass - my personal favourites being Mdina Art Glass and Scandinavian Furniture. I am delighted to be part of the Building 3 team and hope you can come along soon for a browse..
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