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Behind The Black Door Antiques 1613

Welcome to Behind The Black Door Antiques @ Hemswell Antique Centres, we have an eclectic mix of Asian, European and English Antiques Our cabinets are located in the Guardroom (118), Building 1(cabinets 85 Atrium, D7 Dam-busters wing) all located on the first floor. we also have a double pitch located upstairs in the Atrium of building 1, where you'll find some beautiful examples of Asian furniture, current examples are listed but not limited to, apothecary, room screens, Jardinières, Chinese tables, wonderful lamps, Persian rugs, Ginger jars and chargers, beautiful Japanese bronzes, plates, desks, benches, Gongs, chairs, if your visiting on a Friday you will often be able to catch up with us, as we continue to bring in. new items to maintain a wonderful selection of stock for you to purchase if your looking for something to help in your interior design concept then make contact via Hemswell and lets see what we can help you with
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