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Painted House Kent 1654

Welcome to my Hemswell Antique Centres Web page Painted House Kent. You will find me in Room 3, Building 2. In 2004 just before my last child was born, I moved to a Victorian house in a leafy village in Essex and decided to fill it with old and well-made furniture that would suit the style and size of the rooms. Whilst I loved the pieces, I found overall they were a bit dull and so I spent the first few weeks of my maternity leave, sanding, priming and painting the wonderful furniture that would adorn my home. Before long, friends asked me to paint for them and with a hop, skip and a jump we moved to Kent in 2010, and my love for not just furniture but also saving the world from landfill truly begun. Rescuing, repurposing, reloving the pieces our parents and grandparents might have had in their home, fills me with sheer delight.
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