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An explosion of trade with the Far East has persuaded a Lincolnshire company to promote its business in Japan.
Hemswell Antique Centres has worked with the UKTI to develop a new Japanese language website. A visit to the country to promote the new site has taken place by the managing director Robert Miller.
Hemswell was prompted to take the step after a growing number of its antiques were being bought by dealers in the region.
The company currently exports around seven per cent of its goods to the Far East – around 30% of its entire overseas trade.
Buyers do purchase goods across the whole range of antique goods but furniture, in particular, is selling extremely well.
Hemswell has even been approached by a leading Chinese businessman to provide the furniture for a new village being built in the country.
The new website http://www.hemswell-antiques.com/jp/ was developed over eight months by county-based web company TJS with the help of a professional translator.
It is the first in a series of phased developments by Hemswell into the market. Sites for Korea and China are planned in the coming months.
“This does represent a significant investment but the developments are about building for the future. I want to see the business grow its worldwide reach,” says Mr Miller.
“The UK market is difficult at the moment while parts of the world are still experiencing growth. Naturally the global economy will continue to change and it’s important that we don’t put all of our eggs in one basket. Overseas business has become very important to us. We recently had buyers from as many as 20 different countries through our doors in one week. But it’s vital that we continue to focus on providing excellent service and relationships with these clients and the new website and our planned visit to Tokyo is an important part of that process.”

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