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A pine table guide for every room in the house

A pine table guide for every room in the house


Pine tables are functional, beautifully crafted and aesthetically pleasing, and are one of the few items of furniture that can work well in any room of the house. With over a hundred species, pine is a perennial favourite and gives a distinctive look to furniture, whether your preference is for the paler finish or the more yellowy tones that can be found. Here, we look at the qualities of this popular wood, and how you can make it work anywhere in your home. 

Offering a timeless style for a warm and cosy home, pine tables have the character that only comes from the knots and lines that occur naturally in the wood. Its’ colour can vary depending on the finish (stained or unstained) which makes a pine table the perfect choice for both traditional and contemporary styles. An antique pine console table or hall table, for example, simply dressed with a posy of flowers, a group of silver trinkets and a selection of framed pictures, will offer guests to your home the warmest of welcomes and will set the tone for the rest of your home.

In the kitchen or dining room, pine is an ideal choice. Although classified as a soft wood, pine is durable and hardwearing and is resistant to shrinking or swelling. While any wood can shrink or swell in response to changes in humidity and temperature, pine’s resistance to this type of damage enables it to retain its’ original shape and form over time. An antique pine scrub-top table is a design classic for the kitchen and will age beautifully as the inevitable dents and scratches of time will only add to its’ rustic appeal. It is also the ideal solution in an area where spillages can be commonplace or in homes with small children.

A pine extendable dining table, a classic piece of English furniture, is a commanding piece and perfect for large family gatherings. Additional leaves can be added to the table, allowing it to grow for bigger groups. As pine is easy to clean, it is the ideal choice for the dining room and if your pine table does start to look tired, it can be easily restored with specialist products. Pine table and chair sets can be found but often, people set their pine dining tables with mismatched pine chairs for an informal yet coordinated and relaxed look.

Lighter in weight than their oak counterparts, pine tables are the perfect choice in a lounge, where they are easier to move. Antique pine coffee tables, pine nests of tables and pine side tables can be moved to accommodate a variety of seating arrangements, or a change in layout if you rearrange a room. As pine is a stiff wood, it is a strong and durable choice for furniture and perfect for high traffic areas in the home where there is a higher risk of knocks and impact. Its’ shock resistant quality will also minimise the damage from any impact.

Pine tables really come into their own in the bedroom or dressing room. The choice of pine dressing tables is wide. Some may feature tiling, others may be topped with marble, while others may be simplistic and naïve in design. Whichever your preference, there is a dressing table to suit your needs. And likewise with pine bedside tables. An indispensable item in today’s bedroom, a solid pine bedside table will add a beautiful finishing touch to your bedroom, while offering much needed storage. Depending on individual tastes, bedroom tables can be displayed as a matching or even mismatched pair, with the pine unifying any look.

Over the years, public taste has veered from dark wood to light wood and back again, but transcending all time and style trends there has always been pine, which rarely dates. At Hemswell Antique Centres, our selection of antique pine tables is extensive, dating from the 18th century and earlier. Our collectors have chosen pieces that offer variety and versatility, that will continue to fit well into today’s contemporary homes. A visit to Hemswell will allow you to browse all our pine tables at your leisure, in Building 1 (dealer 1545), and Buildings 2 and 3 (dealer 1234).

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