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Antique gifts for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you want to show your loved one just how much you care, but the choice available is overwhelming. Our helpful guide has lots of ideas for everyone, from classic pieces to collectable vintage homewares.

Antique jewellery

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend but there are many gemstones which have both symbolic and sentimental meaning from good fortune and luck (turquoise) to commitment (garnet).

Antique ruby jewellery

Associated with passion and desire thanks to its intense red colour, the ruby makes a wonderfully romantic gift and can be found in many types of jewellery. Whether your loved one prefers rings, a necklace or a pair of earrings, our selection of antique ruby jewellery has something for everyone.

Antique sapphire jewellery

An ecclesiastical gemstone, the sapphire was a holy stone to the ancient Persians and, later, to the Catholic church. A symbol of loyalty and fidelity in both romantic relationships and friendships, the sapphire is a popular choice for engagement rings and friendship tokens.

Antique garnet jewellery

Mostly known for being a red gemstone, garnets can be found in many colours, which makes them a popular choice for different types of jewellery, from brooches and bracelets to rings and necklaces. Associated with commitment, the garnet is also the birthstone for January.

Apart from jewellery, the world of antiques is full of wonderful gift ideas to suit every taste and budget from traditional collectables to quirky and unusual pieces.

Antique gifts for her

The tradition of gifting tokens of love was popular amongst rural communities where people would lovingly handcraft gifts. One such item that is often gifted to newlyweds on their wedding day is the love spoon, traditionally hand carved in wood. If you don’t have the necessary wood carving skills, an antique silver spoon is a thoughtful alternative!  Shoe-shaped gifts such as snuff boxes and pin cushions have always been popular too, as for many years shoes were symbolic of love and luck.

Of course, if your loved one has a passion for a particular area of collectables, that can make gift buying easier but, if not, here are some of our favourite, less traditional gifts, which include some great antique gifts for him too!

Antique jelly moulds

Before the days of convenience jelly cubes that just need water, jelly making was a skill and was reserved for the households of the very rich. The earliest jelly moulds were scallop shells but the moulds we recognise today were first used in the 17th century. It is important to differentiate jelly moulds from generic culinary moulds however; the latter being used for a variety of food including potted meat, cakes, butter and chocolate.

Vintage Bakelite

Bakelite is the name given to the first synthetic plastic material originally developed in 1907. Today, items manufactured from Bakelite are highly sought after and items range from jewellery to telephones and even vintage egg slicers.

Antique paintings and prints

When buying for the person who has everything, a piece of artwork is a wonderful gift as it shows that a great deal of thought and effort has gone in to the final selection. From oils on canvas or board to screen prints and engravings, our dealers offer a broad selection to suit every taste. Watercolour, a beloved medium of Romantic artists, has been used over the centuries to capture light and movement and our watercolour collection includes landscapes, portraiture and still life.

From beautiful pieces of antique jewellery to decorative antiques and small collectables, the dealers at Hemswell Antique Centres have the best selection of Valentine’s Day gift ideas. With more than 2,500 antiques posted for £15 available online, you can find the perfect gift in the comfort of your own home, or why not treat yourself to a day spent browsing our wonderful collections in person?

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