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Flavour of the past: A guide to antique kitchen chairs, tables & dressers


They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. How charming, then, to adorn yours with pieces of the past. Antique kitchen chairs crafted by 17th-century artisans, tables where Edwardian families once tucked into Sunday roasts, and antique kitchen dressers that have stored great-great-great-great-great Grandma’s best china.

The biggest factor in the price - or investment potential - of these pieces is how much restoration they’ve had. However, land on a rare example and this is less likely to affect value. For example, a £15,000 set of antique kitchen chairs won’t see much of a drop in price if it’s been scratched a little, while a single £500 chair may lose much more in proportion.

It’s easier to spot value when you know what to look out for. Our tips for buying and selling antique furniture will give you more information on how to spot a fake and find a treasure, so you can pick out your favourite antique kitchen furniture in confidence...

Antique kitchen chairs

Antique kitchen chairs are a common find among dealers and can range in price, from a few tenners to a few thousands. Generally, sets of antique kitchen chairs for sale have a higher value - a quality set of six side chairs and two carvers (with arms) from around 1900 will cost around £4,000 or more. ‘Long sets’ of 10 are even more valuable and if done right, should always be sold as a whole.

If your budget is tighter, however, keen hunting will enable you to seek out a full centuries-old set over time, without breaking the bank. The best way to do it is to look for pairs of antique kitchen chairs for sale - making sure that each pair looks similar to the others.

Antique kitchen tables

Kitchen tables, antiques or not, get a lot of tough love. We slam down knives and forks on them, load them with hot and heavy plates and leave telltale rings of tea. So when you’re buying one as an investment, you want the quality that stands the test of time. Antique kitchen tables have already proved their worth - withholding centuries of family dinners, thanks to talented craftsmanship and solid wood.

When it comes to valuing antique kitchen tables for sale, colour and size are usually taken into consideration first. For example, you might find original antique kitchen tables from the 17th century - very hard to come by - and pay multiple thousands. A cheaper way to do it is to buy a Victorian reproduction, which often sell for a few hundred.

Antique kitchen dressers

Prized possessions since the 17th century, antique kitchen dressers are adored for both their beauty and functionality. To begin, homeowners used them to store and show off precious belongings - many country kitchens to this day still display porcelain and glass this way.

Prices of antique kitchen dressers for sale vary wildly. As with tables and chairs, reproductions are the best money-saving options for collectors - but antique kitchen dressers don’t come cheap. Edwardian dressers (typically based on the late 18th-century Sheraton style) value at up to £4,000, although you can find mahogany Sheraton and Chippendale pieces for between £800 and £1,500.

Where to buy antique kitchen chairs, tables and dressers

With such a tangible link to the past, the best way to view antique kitchen chairs, tables and dressers for sale is with your own eyes. Furniture carries its centuries in subtle ways, mellowing and maturing until it shines with a unique patina that simply cannot be reproduced in modern counterparts. Even the finest of contemporary makers cannot compare to the elegant characteristics of our antique furniture. To see it for yourself, visit our Lincoln centres, filled to the rafters with genuine time-old treasures. You can see some of our wares on the site, too:

Happy hunting!

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