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Antique dining tables: how to make them work in a modern setting

When creating the perfect setting for entertaining, you should aim for a sense of balance. Here, we show you how this can be achieved by combining antique pieces with contemporary pieces.

The Lincolnshire Food and Gift Fair

Looking to do some shopping? The Lincolnshire Food and Gift Fair is a must-see!

Newark International Antiques & Collectors Fair

The Newark International Antiques & Collectors Fair (iacf) takes place throughout the year and is a treasure-hunting Mecca for antique collectors and antique dealers alike.

How to decorate your home for Halloween

If you love decorating your home for Halloween, consider a trip to Hemswell Antique Centres for the perfect finishing touches.

Lincolnshire Antiques and Home Show

The historic city of Lincoln, and its surrounding countryside, are the perfect destination for antique collectors and antique dealers.

Antique and vintage watches - how they made the leap from pocket to wrist

When did wrist watches replace pocket watches and is it worth buying a vintage watch? We discuss the characteristics of a quality watch and which makers to look for.

Identifying antique gold hallmarks – an in-depth guide

Is antique gold hallmarked? When did gold start being stamped? What does an anchor mark mean? This comprehensive beginner’s guide to antique gold hallmarks has all the answers to these questions and more.

The ultimate antique mirror guide

Our guide to antique mirrors will help you to find the perfect piece for your home.

Tantalus treasures: how to recognise quality antique tantaluses

Originally patented in 1881 by George Betjemann, a tantalus is a wooden container for glass decanters, characterised by a lock and key.

Christmas shopping - why antiques make the perfect gift

Hemswell Antique Centres make a wonderful day out for your Christmas shopping, with a maze of rooms in each building just waiting to be explored.