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Where to find antique art for sale

Where to find antique art for sale

Antique art is in abundance in Britain today and bargain finds are lurking for anyone on the hunt for quality. With such a wide scope of antique art for sale, it’s helpful to educate yourself on which art antiques are of value before you dive in.
What is antique brass? A brief guide to decorative metalware.

What is antique brass? A brief guide to decorative metalware

Standing the test of time as functional and decorative items over the centuries, antique brass is back in fashion. That low-shine element gives interior spaces an organic aesthetic that modern chrome simply cannot compare with.
A guide to antique vases.

A guide to: Antique vases

It starts small. You get your hands on a couple of antique vases. Perhaps you stumble upon an 18th-century piece in your attic or discover an intriguing selection of antique Delft vases at an auction. All of a sudden you begin finding other vases for sale that you love and next thing you know - you have a collection.

How to identify antique pottery

From early Chinese porcelain to Royal Doulton antiques, no area of collecting offers a range quite as wide or varied as antique pottery. Much of it stems from the 20th century, or quite often you’ll find a late-Victorian piece for sale.

A guide to: Antique beds

"My second-best bed, with the furniture", William Shakespeare famously bequeathed to his wife in his last will and testament. Whatever the reason for her not inheriting the best bed (a much-debated topic), his words are proof of just how valuable today’s antique beds once were in households up until the 18th century.

Focus on: Art Deco

Clever collectors realised the importance and appeal of Art Deco furniture in the 1960s, but it took another 20 to 30 years for it to become valuable and sought-after.

Antique sideboards 101: what to look out for in a mid-century classic

Before fitted kitchens and multipurpose furniture, the sideboard was an important storage provider, designed to display the family china and silver for Sunday best. Today, whether used for storage or as a TV stand, antique sideboards are having a moment.

A buyer’s guide to: Antique lighting

From humble antique table lamps to dazzling crystal chandeliers, antique lighting is a wildly vast market. Which is what makes it a thrilling space for collectors and dealers to dive into.

Brewing history: A collector's guide to antique teapots & tea sets

It’s possible to find antique teapot treasures, as well as saucers, jugs and antique cups at reasonable prices - the charming wares have been a firm favourite in Britain ever since tea was introduced as ‘by the Chineans tcha’ in the 1630s.

A guide to: Antique glass

Unlike metals that tarnish and furniture that warps, antique glass is gloriously averse to aging. Its fragility might leave it prone to breakages, but its unique qualities mean glass antiques can look exactly the same today as they did two centuries ago.