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Where to find the best antiques for sale in 2018

Where to find the best antiques for sale in 2023

The internet is a great tool for finding antiques for sale, but it has a catch - everyone else has easy access to it as well. To find true sleepers (unrecognised gems) without spending a small fortune, you have to cast your net further and wider.

Antique Vs reproduction period furniture- how to tell the difference

When shopping for antique furniture, it is vital to prove the authenticity of the pieces you are considering buying. Here are our tips on how to tell if furniture is antique or reproduction.
Antique gift ideas for Valentine's Day

Antique gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show loved ones how much you care and our latest guide has lots of ideas for antique gifts to inspire you.
antique chests, the types available and what to look for

Antique chests: why they are so much more than a set of drawers!

What exactly is an antique chest and what were they used for? We look at the history of this iconic piece of furniture and examine the most popular styles.

Antique dining tables: an antique dealer’s guide

As thoughts turn to the forthcoming festive period and family celebrations, our experts look at the types of antique dining tables available for large get togethers, what to look for, and how to spot a fake.

How to clean antique silver

With so much conflicting advice available online about how to clean antique silver, our experts take a look at exactly how to care for vintage and antique silver pieces from antique jewellery to antique silver teapots.

What are the most collectable antique toys and games?

Our fondness for, and attachment to, vintage toys is inextricably linked to the connection they help us make with our childhoods. Here, we examine the most collectable toys from the last 100 years.

How to use antique tables in a modern setting – everything you need to know

When furnishing an interior, people usually err towards contemporary, modern or antique styling. But can you mix antique with contemporary? We give you some tips to achieve this in your next interior.

5 of the most popular antique boxes to collect

Antique boxes come in all shapes and sizes (literally), from writing and pill boxes, to sewing and trinket boxes. We explore some of the more popular styles of antique box.

An upcycler’s guide to vintage furniture

The trend for upcycling vintage pieces to give them a new lease of life isn’t going anywhere for now, but should you upcycle antique pieces and, if not, why not?