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Why you should collect vintage vinyl records


At a time when the majority of people get their music via digital download, it is refreshing to know that the sale of vinyl records has increased and the demand for vintage vinyl records is higher than ever. But, why should you collect vintage vinyl?

Do older vinyls sound better?

Collectors of vintage vinyl are drawn to the quality of its sound, and this is due to the fact that vinyl records use analogue rather than digital. At the most basic level, this means that a vinyl record will always have more musical data than, for example, an MP3 file, making the sound more complex. With a vintage vinyl record in good condition, all that is required is a turntable with a good needle. For the collector, contemporary music formats offer an ‘artificial’ sound that lacks the nuance of vinyl, and of course, you can’t beat the texture that you get from the crackle of the needle in the groove!

Vintage vinyl album art

The artwork on vintage vinyl album covers and labels often forms the starting point for collectors, along with extra features such as lyric inserts, customised inner sleeves and posters. The artwork on vintage vinyl is original, with subsequent pressings often having their artwork created using an earlier album as source material; this is often the case when original artwork is misplaced or lost over the years.

Scarcity and collectability of vintage vinyl

Over the years, vintage vinyl has become harder to find, and while it is still possible to come across a gem at car boot sales or in charity shops, it is no longer as readily available as in previous years. Collectors understand this and as supply lessens, many people are investing in vintage records rather than new ones. Of course, in turn, the rarity of an album adds to its appeal, its collectability and ultimately its value. Collectors want original pressings – owning a recently re-released copy of a Beatles’ album, for example, will never be the same as owning the 1960s original!

Vintage vinyl is tactile

Listening to music that has been downloaded gives you music to listen to, but nothing more! For collectors of vintage vinyl, interacting with the music they are listening to is important. The experience of handling the cover and being able to physically hold the record is why many will choose records over downloads every time.

The nostalgia value of vintage vinyl

Never underestimate the feelings that are evoked when listening to vintage vinyl and the memories that can come flooding back. While there is a generation of people who didn’t grow up listening to vinyl, those who did are instantly transported back in time to their first concert, their first date, holidays with loved ones, the list goes on. For those who grew up listening to vinyl records, listening to music in this way is a tough habit to break and outweighs the convenience and immediacy of digital music.

For both the novice and seasoned collector alike, our vintage vinyl blog articles have a host of helpful tips and advice, from what to look for in vintage vinyl to correctly cleaning and storing your collection. Visitors to the centres will find our vintage vinyl collectors in Building 3, and online here.

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