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Vinyl Articles

Why you should collect vintage vinyl records

In today’s 21st century digital age, why do people still collect vinyl? And what is the point of collecting vinyl records today? We look at five reasons for collecting vintage vinyl records.

Investing in vintage vinyl – a beginner’s guide

Is it worth starting a vintage vinyl collection? And where do you start? If you want to start collecting vinyl, our beginner’s guide has lots of answers for you.

A beginner’s guide to collecting vinyl records

There’s nothing like the dusty scent of a vinyl record shop, so get into the groove of collecting with this handy guide on starting your own vinyl collection.

Top 5 most valuable vinyl records

How do you know if your vinyl records are valuable? What vinyl records are worth the most? Our guide to the top 5 most valuable vinyl records will help you decide whether to sell your collection and where.

Where to find quality vinyl records for sale

Knowing where to find mint condition vinyl records can make you a lot of money. We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to.

How to find rare vinyl records every other collector is looking for

Finding the golden ticket – that unique vinyl record other collectors covet – is truly addictive. Here is our guide to where to look.

How to clean vinyl records and store them safely

Cleaning your vinyl collection effectively is key to maintaining it in the best possible condition.