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Easter gift ideas for antique lovers


Today, people are decorating their homes at Easter almost as much as they do at Christmas and there has been a marked increase in Easter home décor available. Here, we take a look at Easter gift ideas for antique lovers.

Celebrated by Christian religions as the time of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, and by others as a time of spiritual rebirth and the onset of spring, Easter is a moveable feast. The date for Easter each year is determined by a lunisolar calendar but is usually a Sunday between March 22nd and April 25th. In 2023, Easter Sunday is April 9th. In shops, however, Easter starts to appear even before Christmas has been packed away!

Popular Easter gifts

With the Easter tradition dating back centuries, there have come to be many symbols associated with it, all representing new life and fertility. Today, we automatically link rabbits, flowers, eggs and chicks with this time of year, with the Easter Bunny being the Easter equivalent of Father Christmas, delivering chocolate eggs to little children. So, what kind of antique Easter gifts are to be found, and what should you look out for?

Easter gifts can take any form, from vases and plates to toys and silver, and can be sourced to suit the recipient, but they will nearly always depict the traditional themes of springtime.

Antique ceramics

With over 650 items available to browse online, our antique ceramic collectables have something for everyone, from tea sets adorned with flowers, to charming figurines by Royal Doulton and Coalport. For the collector of the more contemporary piece, our 20th century ceramics include flowers galore from Moorcroft and Clarice Cliff. When buying for young children, consider an antique egg cup to go along with the chocolate eggs they are bound to receive.

Antique paintings

Browse over 700 paintings and prints and you will find glorious depictions of springtime including still life and scenic artwork. Whether you love watercolours of bluebells and daffodils and lily of the valley, or if you prefer farmyard scenes with chickens, there is something for every taste and budget.

Antique silver

Antique silver and jewellery always make the perfect gift and Easter time is no exception. What could be lovelier than to present a chocolate Easter egg in an antique silver basket, or an antique glass basket? A truly thoughtful gift that will last through generations to become an Easter family tradition. For the women in your life at Easter, there are several stunning brooches available with birds, butterflies and flowers, from iconic designers such as Georg Jensen.

Where to shop for antique Easter collectables

If you are looking for genuine antique gifts for Easter, go to a reputable antique centre like Hemswell or a reputable auction house (remember that auction houses charge a percentage commission to both buyers and sellers). Hemswell Antique Centres comprise four buildings on the site of former RAF Hemswell, which house the wares from over 300 antique and vintage dealers. Spend a day browsing and relaxing over lunch in one of our restaurants or browse from the comfort of your own home – with over 1500 gifts for every occasion and the same number again of gifts that can be posted for £15, you won’t be disappointed.

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