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Farmhouse style: How to get the cosy, country look

Start planning a cosy country home with our guide to reviving the charm of the country cottage, wherever you live.

What to look for when buying an antique or vintage bureau

Investing in an antique bureau will last a lifetime so picking the perfect piece can be a fine balance of head and heart. Our guide to what to look for will help you find the right bureau.

Collecting antique art – a beginner’s guide

From Victorian antique religious art to affordable drawings by great names, here is our guide on how to get started on your antique art collection.

What you need to know before you buy a barometer

As an area of scientific antiques, barometers are as relevant today as they have always been.

Advertising collectables – an insider’s guide

Advertising collectables represent an interesting, niche area and encompass so much more than enamel signs.

How to buy vintage leather goods

Like fine wine, quality leather goods will only improve with age. Here, we examine what you should look out for when buying vintage leather goods.

The vintage toy cars in your attic that could be worth thousands

Our guide will show you why the popularity of vintage toy cars shows no signs of waning and exactly what to look out for when clearing out the attic.
antique dining table

Space saving dining tables for small spaces big on character

Finding the perfect antique dining table for a modern home doesn't have to be difficult with our guide to tables for smaller spaces.

A buyer’s guide to vintage sporting goods

From golf balls to pool cues, vintage sporting goods represent a diverse sector of antiques and collectables because of the number of sports, and the large variety of item types available.
Antique desk

The great desk decision - why buying an antique desk is best

If you are considering a new desk, our guide will show you why an antique is the best solution, and which one to choose.