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Antique mirrors at Hemswell Antique Centres

What to consider when buying antique mirrors

With an astonishing diversity of pieces that have evolved over the centuries, buyers are left with a vast scope of antique mirrors to research. From bagging a valuable Regency mirror to spotting a 20th-century copy, this guide will help you get a thorough understanding of the mirrors antiques market.
Antique clocks at Hemswell Antique Centres

A guide to: Antique clocks

Antique clocks have more depth than most antiques. Not only do they show off the expertise of the clockmaker, but also the talents of the cabinet-maker, the polisher, the engraver, the brass caster… right the way down to the painter of the dials.
Antique watches

A guide to: Antique watches

There is something deeply appealing about antique watches. Their attraction stems from a number of factors, from the fascinating innovations of mechanisms over the centuries to the phenomenal decorative appeal.
Antique rings

Antique rings: how to find hidden gems

From British marquise to French giardinettos, antique rings wildly differ. Different bands, gemstones, metals, colours, clarities and carats - chances are that you’ll never find two exactly the same.
Antique chest of drawers

What to look out for in an antique chest of drawers (& why now is the best time to invest)

Thick, glossy walnuts. Plum-pudding mahogany. Lustrous, mellow patinas. Antique furniture is making a comeback and we’re increasingly finding that it’s solid chest of drawers antiques dealers and auction houses are snapping up.

Go rare: How to stay ahead in the antique porcelain market

There's been a continued nervousness that the antique porcelain market is 'soft', but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Porcelain antiques, despite being prone to breakages, are the most naturally durable wares and are highly collectable.
Valuable tips for buying and selling antique furniture

5 valuable tips for buying and selling antique furniture

Throughout history, furniture has developed from simple designs cut out from trees to beautifully crafted pieces using sophisticated and skilled techniques.
Antique jewellery

A guide to: Antique jewellery

From delicate antique bracelets sculpted in the 1800s to bold dragonfly brooches designed by world-famous Tiffany & Co., antique jewellery stirs the senses with depth, character, style and craftsmanship.
Where to find the best antiques for sale in 2018

Where to find the best antiques for sale in 2018

The internet is a great tool for finding antiques for sale, but it has a catch - everyone else has easy access to it as well. To find true sleepers (unrecognised gems) without spending a small fortune, you have to cast your net further and wider.