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5 reasons to buy antique jewellery and gold


Popular with collectors of all ages, antique jewellery and antique gold has a universal appeal. Here, we look at why it’s a great investment!

The difference between antique and vintage jewellery

Before looking at why we should buy antique jewellery let’s examine the difference between vintage and antique. When talking about jewellery, the term vintage generally refers to a piece manufactured between 50 and 100 years ago, with antique pieces considered to be older than 100 years. At the time of writing, then, a vintage piece will date from between 1923 and 1973 and an antique piece from pre-1923. Where a piece of jewellery has undergone repair or restoration, its antique or vintage status will still apply if at least 50% of the original piece still remains.

Why invest in antique jewellery?

Today more and more couples are choosing antique engagement rings and the trend for vintage pieces in particular has grown. Here are our reasons to buy antique jewellery and gold.

1 Antique jewellery offers a sense of history

Each piece of antique jewellery and gold has a story to tell and a rich history that you can add to and continue while you are its guardian. And what could be more romantic than thinking about the glamorous original owner of your vintage necklace or Victorian engagement ring?

2 Antique jewellery is well-crafted

In the days before mass production and casting techniques, antique jewellery was hand crafted by skilled artisans, and vintage jewellery if produced in larger quantities, would have been finished by hand. Hand crafted jewellery displays a level of skill and sophistication that it is hard to capture in a mass produced piece, and the quality craftmanship only found in fine and intricate detailing. Remember too, that for a piece to have survived intact and in good condition for a hundred years or more, it must have been well made originally!

3 Antique jewellery is unique

The majority of antique and vintage jewellery pieces are unique, one off designs, that were likely made to order for the wealthiest in society. Unless a pair was commissioned, most pieces will be unique items with original designs. There may also be details such as ornate shanks and open galleries in rings, not found in contemporary pieces due to the cost of creating them.      

4 Antique jewellery is sustainable and eco-friendly

Diamonds mined after the African conflict of the 1980s have become known as conflict diamonds, associated with human rights issues and shrouded in controversy. Today, with our increased awareness of the need to be environmentally-friendly and ethical in our consumerism, people understand that precious stones in antique and vintage jewellery are conflict-free. The mining processes involved in extracting stones and metal involve vast amounts of water and energy too, making it difficult for the production of new pieces to be eco-friendly. When buying antique jewellery and gold, no other resources are used.

5 Antique jewellery is an investment

Like a classic vintage car, antique jewellery and gold not only holds its value but appreciates over time. While the value of modern jewellery is often calculated on the value of its parts, antique values represent the history, craftmanship and quality of the piece, as well as its component parts. It will always remain collectable and in high demand.

Antique gold jewellery for sale

To guarantee that the pieces you are buying are authentic, it is essential to buy from reputable and qualified antique dealers. Antique jewellery online, from Hemswell Antique Centres is brought to you by our established network of dealers, enabling you to buy in confidence. Choose from over 700 pieces online, including  22 carat gold antique jewellery, and antique gold engagement rings. Or spend the day with us, where you can browse our entire selection of antique jewellery in person.

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