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November birthstones blog post

Spotlight on antique birthstones – Topaz and citrine November birthstones

November is another month that benefits from two birthstones, and our latest antique birthstone guide takes a close look at both.
Spotlight on antique birthstones – Opal and tourmaline October birthstones

Spotlight on antique birthstones – opal and tourmaline October birthstones

October babies can choose between two birthstones, the opal and the tourmaline. Here, we take an in-depth look at each.
Spotlight on antique birthstones – Sapphire September birthstone

Spotlight on antique birthstones – Sapphire September birthstone

In the first of our new, monthly series on antique birthstones, we focus on the sapphire, the birthstone for September.
A guide to antique watches and vintage watches

A guide to antique watches and vintage watches

Our latest guide looks at the difference between vintage and antique watches and tells you what to look for when buying and which brands to keep an eye on!

5 reasons to buy antique jewellery and gold

Popular with collectors of all ages, antique jewellery and antique gold has a universal appeal. Here, we look at why it’s a great investment!

Georg Jensen: his life, work and inspiration

Renowned for functional pieces both timeless and decorative, Georg Jensen’s work is still sought after almost a hundred years after his death. But who was Georg Jensen, and who inspired him? And what should collectors look for?

Antique and vintage watches - how they made the leap from pocket to wrist

When did wrist watches replace pocket watches and is it worth buying a vintage watch? We discuss the characteristics of a quality watch and which makers to look for.

Identifying antique gold hallmarks – an in-depth guide

Is antique gold hallmarked? When did gold start being stamped? What does an anchor mark mean? This comprehensive beginner’s guide to antique gold hallmarks has all the answers to these questions and more.

Christmas gift ideas for antique lovers

Christmas gifts for antique lovers can be hard to source. Most antiquarians have distinctly unique tastes - and their homes are curated to express it. But that doesn’t mean you should just abandon all hope and buy them another pair of socks.
Antique watches

A guide to: Antique watches

There is something deeply appealing about antique watches. Their attraction stems from a number of factors, from the fascinating innovations of mechanisms over the centuries to the phenomenal decorative appeal.