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Nostalgic summer memories

Nostalgic summer memories


As summer is now fully under way, we take a nostalgic look back at holidays from the past and examine the triggers that can transport us in the blink of an eye.

Nothing conjures up happy memories more than looking back on childhood holidays. From holidaying at the seaside in a caravan, to package holidays on the costa del somewhere sunny or staying at home but waiting for the ice cream van every day, we all have a tale to tell. But what comes to mind when you look back? Is it the endless chorus of ‘are we there yet?’ or the hours of eye-spy played to while away a long journey? Or maybe certain smells and aromas take you back in a heartbeat. We’ve carried out a lighthearted straw poll in the centres to see what all our memories are made of and these are the favourites!

Nostalgic aromas and smells

It seems that our number 1 summer memory is almost always triggered by certain smells! Whether that’s freshly cut grass or suncream and popcorn, we all remember distant holidays as soon as we smell those familiar things.

Eating fish and chips

A survey carried out shortly after the pandemic, when we were embracing the staycation, showed that 52% of us chose eating fish and chips as our top holiday memory. While that may be linked to the smell of vinegar (whose mouth doesn’t water at the thought?), there’s no denying the nation’s favourite takeaway!

Cooking with Grandma

Many of us have happy memories of spending the long summer holidays with grandparents and baking with Grandma. Using vintage kitchen equipment and accessories can certainly help to recreate that warm feeling and our kitchenalia include everything from copper saucepans to vintage tea sets.

Day trips

For some of us who didn’t get a holiday away, there were always day trips. We’d bundle our things into the car or onto a coach and take off to a city destination or a seaside town. There, we’d explore museums and art galleries and come aways with a memento from the gift shop. Vintage and antique posters can certainly help to bring those days back to life for us!

Train journeys

Following on from day trips, many of us have fabulous memories of going on a train ride when young, be it on a steam train or a more modern locomotive! Railwayana is a huge area for collectors of all ages and there’s no doubt of the nostalgia value involved. Our selection of antique and vintage railwayana includes original railway carriage prints and railway notices.

Exploring rock pools

Swimming in the sea, collecting shells and crabbing in rock pools all rank equally in our fondest summer memories. With our buckets and spades we’d gather rocks together in the hope of finding a prehistoric fossil or two that we could take to show and tell at school. For those of us who have gone beyond clambering across slippery rocks, our antiquities and fossils contain some fine examples of ammonites and other fossils and semi-precious stones.

Revisiting happy memories at Hemswell Antique Centres

Visitors to our centres, near the beautiful and historic cathedral city of Lincoln, say it is like taking a step back in time. Whether you want to revisit your childhood summers through our vast selection of vintage toys and games, or browse our vintage advertising collectables, you will find something among our four buildings to transport you back to childhood days and carefree summers. Displaying the collections of over 200 dealers, our centres represent a great day out and when you’re ready for a break, a traditional afternoon tea will be just the ticket to recharge your batteries.

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