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How to buy antiques as gifts

How to buy antiques as gifts


Our guide to choosing the perfect antique gift will show you that gifting antiques does not have to be as difficult as you think (or as expensive) and the recipient doesn't have to be a collector or an expert!

Buying antique gifts should be broken down according to the recipient of the gift and also the occasion.

Recipients can be grouped into one of the following categories and once you have identified who you are buying for, finding the perfect gift will be much easier!

Gifts for antique collectors

For people with an interest in antiques who perhaps collect specific items, there may be longed for pieces that are missing from their collections. However, if their collection is particularly niche, for example a specific pattern of ceramics, take care to choose the correct one; you don’t want to present a piece of Royal Albert for example in the Tranquility design, if the rest of their collection is Old Country Roses.

Gifts for antique lovers

These are the people who may not collect antiques but who appreciate them and enjoy having them in their homes. Antique table lamps can be sourced to match any style of interior, from mid-century modern to art deco or an antique painting and print could be chosen to complement their existing wall art.

Antique gifts for hobbyists

These are the people with a passion outside of the antiques world – perhaps a railway enthusiast or an amateur musician – that would appreciate a gift that reflects their interests. And who knows, an antique gift may well set them on their way to being collectors too! Railwayana offers affordable gifts, from railway carriage prints to station furniture and carriage signage, while antique musical items can include beautiful piano stools, instruments and vintage vinyl.

Of course, the occasion you are buying for will dictate the type of gift you choose and here are the most popular occasions that people buy antique gifts for.

Antique christening gifts

Crossing a baby’s palm with silver – also known as silvering the baby – is a tradition intended to protect a newborn from evil and to wish them good health and wealth throughout their life. Antique silver christening gifts are therefore perfect and can include antique silver or antique silver plate. Other thoughtful and unique antique gift ideas include an heirloom piece of jewellery, a silver photo frame or even a money box.

Antique wedding gifts

Antique and vintage items make the perfect wedding gift and you will be spoilt for choice. If the happy couple has a gift list, see if there are items that can be bought as antiques such as a vase. Or why not choose a decorative antique that will suit their home, such as a wine decanter? Avoid large pieces for the home though, unless you are absolutely sure of their taste and steer clear of jewellery items as these are very subjective.

Buying antique gifts at Hemswell Antique Centres

At Hemswell, our four buildings offer an eclectic mix of antique and vintage gifts for every recipient and every occasion, to provide the perfect inspiration and a great day out. If you are unable to visit us in person, browse our online gifts for every occasion, where many gifts can be posted for just £15. And if you really can’t find anything that sparks your imagination, our gift vouchers are the perfect gift. Available to purchase in-store or over the phone on 01427 668389, vouchers start from just £10 and can be posted out to an address of your choice.

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