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A guide to antique and vintage kitchenalia

A guide to antique and vintage kitchenalia


From utensils to storage jars, and bread boards to jelly moulds, there is something for everyone in the world of kitchenalia.

Kitchenalia meaning

By definition, kitchenalia are any cooking utensils, cooking equipment and other items associated with the kitchen which means anyone with a kitchen has a collection of kitchenalia! But what makes vintage and antique kitchenalia so appealing and is this area of collectables still popular today?

In contemporary homes, just as you wouldn’t expect to furnish an entire room in antiques, letting just two or three carefully chosen pieces lift the space, so you wouldn’t expect to kit out your entire kitchen with equipment your great grandmother would recognise! The beauty of antique and vintage kitchenalia though is that there are pieces to suit the most contemporary kitchen at price points within everyone’s reach.

Vintage kitchen utensils

From antique copper kitchenalia including copper pans and measuring jugs, to vintage enamel kitchenalia and antique ladles, essential utensils can be found to fit seamlessly into today’s kitchens.

Antique weighing scales

Arguably the most accurate way to measure out ingredients, antique weighing scales are as popular today as they have always been. A pair of pans with a horizontal beam, and a complete set of brass weights is still very sought after, with prices reaching a few hundred pounds depending on condition.

Antique and vintage storage

Antique and vintage storage jars can be found in enamel or ceramic, and toleware (painted metal) items are very popular and perfect for adding a splash of colour to your meal prep!  And of course, what country kitchen would be complete without a rustic vintage plate rack displaying vintage French kitchenalia including enamel coffee pots and enamel storage canisters?

Why is kitchenalia popular?

While the popularity of antique and vintage kitchenalia has seen peaks and troughs, this area of collectables is once again back in favour, thanks in part to our love of nostalgia, and our love of period dramas. It is also the one area that is accessible to most people – it reconnects us to our childhoods, adds character and charm to our kitchens and is still highly functional and useable. Add to this the availability and variety of items on the market and it’s easy to see why our love affair with antique kitchenalia endures.

Where to buy antique kitchenalia

Browsing car boot sales, charity shops and secondhand markets will offer rich pickings to the novice collector but there are some warnings to heed. When buying vintage wooden kitchenalia, beware of live woodworm. If there are woodworm holes, bang the item – if white powder comes out, this indicates the woodworm are live and active. For the collector looking for a lifestyle design, antique kitchenalia dealers can offer quality items and a wealth of knowledge.

Vintage kitchenalia for sale at Hemswell Antique Centres

Our antique kitchenalia dealers can be found in Buildings One and Three, as well as The Guardroom and we always have a wide selection of kitchenalia online. For clients sourcing a high volume of items including overseas buyers, trade buyers, film and TV props buyers, or project managers of large commercial contracts, why not book a virtual shopping tour where we will showcase items of interest in greater depth? To find out more, simply contact us via email or call 01427 857425 today.

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