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Where to find antique art for sale

Where to find antique art for sale

Antique art is in abundance in Britain today and bargain finds are lurking for anyone on the hunt for quality. With such a wide scope of antique art for sale, it’s helpful to educate yourself on which art antiques are of value before you dive in. 

Antique oil paintings can date back to the Renaissance and each painting’s value can depend on countless factors. That said, if you simply fall in love with an artwork, buy it regardless of value. The golden rule is to go with what you like and not simply browse antique art for sale solely for its investment potential - pieces you enjoy having in your home are priceless. The question for the would-be collector is: where to begin?

Top places to buy antique art

While car boot sales and flea markets aren’t usually the top places to find antique art for sale (most pieces are personal items that probably lack value), there’s always a chance you might find a ‘sleeper’, or undiscovered treasure. Immersing yourself in galleries, stately homes and museums can help top up your knowledge on art antiques and nab a brilliant masterpiece at the following places: 

- Antique art for sale at auctions

Anyone with an appreciation of fine crafts will find true delight perusing antique oil paintings for sale as well as other artworks from the past. Auctions are all part of that joy - with the added bonus that you’re buying from an authentic source (and less likely to be fooled by a clever reproduction). Dealers are cut out of the equation at auctions, meaning these are also perfect places to pick up antique art for less. Familiarise yourself with auction procedures, perhaps going to a few as an observer first before you plunge in.

- Antique art for sale at shops and centres

There are more antiques per square foot in Britain than anywhere else in the world, but you should never be tempted to buy antique art unless you’ve viewed it carefully beforehand. Antique centres and stores are the best place to examine art antiques closely, especially if you’re spending good money. With the country’s rich history of invasion, invention and trade, most of the works you’ll come across will be British antique oil paintings. Art antiques purchased from stores, centres or dealers also have a deeper level of protection if sellers are members of trade associations such as the British Antique Dealers’ Association (BADA). 

- Antique art for sale at fairs, markets & car boot sales

‘Bottom-end’ venues such as junk shops, markets and car boot sales have potential for finding bargain antique art for sale. These kind of sellers may also charge less for a piece, unaware of its real value - but they could also cautiously overcharge. If you’ve acquired a good level of knowledge on antique art, you may find a well-priced treasure at antiques fairs, but these are generally the most expensive places to buy art antiques.

Weed out the fakes

For years, forgers and fakes have found how to antique a painting with increasingly convincing methods. Every single century has its own deluge of reproductions - but these are by no means evil. If they are sold for what they are they can have real value, but if a fake is sold as genuine antique art, the seller has broken the Trade Descriptions Act. If you’re unsure, seek advice from an independent expert. 

From signed 20th-century prints to antique oil paintings for sale, you’ll find a magnificent selection of antique art for sale on our website. New pieces regularly come into our brilliant centre close to historic city of Lincoln - make a day of it and see the beauties for yourself by exploring our four huge antiques-filled buildings.

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