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Christmas gift ideas for antique lovers


Christmas gifts for antique lovers can be hard to source. Most antiquarians have distinctly unique tastes - and their homes are curated to express it. But that doesn’t mean you should just abandon all hope and buy them another pair of socks.

Giving a gift with a story is so special. If you have an idea of what they gravitate towards, you have a head start. If not, then this guide is a good place to start. From antique tea caddies to tie pins, we’ve narrowed down the search to a few choice items that are guaranteed to put a smile on any collector’s face.

For the fashion-forward gentleman: Antique stickpins

Worn by wealthy English gents from the early 19th century, antique stickpins were used to secure the folds of cravats. As well as being neat and functional, antique stickpins can completely transform an outfit. With a wide and stylish selection, you can find the perfect pin to suit your Dad or Grandad’s personal style. You’ll find antique stickpins for sale - and other dazzling gold and silver gifts - in our jewellery collection.

For the mum who has it all: Antique jewellery boxes

It’s more rewarding to gift antique jewellery boxes instead of their modern, mass-produced counterparts. Whatever its type or age, the style, craftsmanship, story and rarity of antique jewellery boxes make them both precious possessions and valuable investments. You’ll find a range of bold, high quality antique jewellery boxes for sale in our collection of boxes and barrels. And if you’re looking for extra-special pieces to fill it, take a look at our jewellery and gold.

For the cuppa-loving Grandma: Antique tea caddies

Rare, full services might be out of reach financially for Christmas gifts, but it is possible to find beautiful antique tea caddies for sale at reasonable prices. From mahogany to porcelain, the materials, shapes and designs are wonderfully varied. Any appreciator of fine wares are delighted to receive antique tea caddies on the 25th - come visit our centres to find a treasure in our collections.

For the art-buff partner: Antique portraits

If there’s one area you’ll find in abundance in the world of antiques, it’s oil paintings. Antique portraits are most common from the 1730s and vary from dazzling duchesses to children playing. For a trained eye, it’s possible to find quality antique portraits for sale at bargain prices. Start here.

For the interior-obsessed friend: Antique prints

If you’re on a more modest budget this Christmas, antique prints can be a more affordable option than antique portraits. British artists to look out for include Muirhead Bone (etcher and watercolourist who focussed on industrial and architectural subjects), Paul Nash (landscape painter with often spooky works) and C.R.W Nevinson (one of the most famous war artists of World War I). If you’re lucky, you can grab one of their antique prints for sale for £50 - but they can reach up to £1,000 depending on quality and rarity.

Antique stickpins for your hip brother? One of our beautiful antique jewellery boxes for mum? Maybe a set of stunning antique prints for a friend? You're guaranteed to find a unique gift -and a unique day out - at Hemswell Antiques Centres. Finding it is all part of the experience.

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