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An upcycler’s guide to vintage and antiques shopping


The trend for upcycled furniture is still in its ascendancy thanks to popular television programmes and, of course, our awareness of ecological issues. Decorating your house with vintage and antique pieces not only allows you to design your space sustainably but will also will create a home full of character and personality. What’s more, upcycling not only reduces waste by saving items from landfill but antique or vintage furniture has an annual carbon footprint 16 times lower than its modern counterparts (shown in research by the International Antiques and Collectors Fairs, 2015).

But, where can you find upcycled items and, if you want to unleash your own creative powers, where can you find suitable pieces to transform?

Antique centres have much to offer the upcycler. For the upcycling enthusiast, Hemswell Antique Centres bring together over 400 independent dealers across four main buildings with a broad and eclectic range of pieces. So, if you are not sure whether your next project will be transforming an antique mirror into a sophisticated table tray or if it will be turning a piece of utilitarian brown furniture into a stylish centrepiece, a day spent browsing our four buildings will let you explore all the very best our dealers have to offer.

You will be able to ask questions about the item, something not always possible when buying from a flea market or auction house, and our experts will be happy to share their knowledge of their items with you. Even more so, as an upcycler, you understand the need to source quality pieces that will withstand your transformation, and buying from a reputable antiques centre will give you the peace of mind that the items you choose will be up to the task, having already survived thus far! With everything under one roof here at Hemswell, you will be presented with an abundance of items perfectly suited to be upcycled and priced from low-end to high-end, giving you a vast choice of quirky and unique one-off items.

Conversely, if you aspire to add some lovingly upcycled furniture and upcycled accessories to your home but don’t have the time or skill level to do it yourself, Hemswell Antique Centres are home to several talented dealers who are upcycling specialists. Housed in building 3, our wonderfully artisan dealers specialise in breathing new life into vintage and antique items and offer a wide selection of pieces from abstract lighting to eye catching pieces of furniture.

Finally, if you are an upcycler looking for an outlet and audience for your work, we always welcome new dealers to join us at Hemswell Antique Centres. As part of Europe’s largest antiques network, our dealers have access to our dealer portal and our website, effectively an online presence showcasing in excess of 4000 products to be viewed by potential buyers, as well as traditional access to rental space in our retail premises. Your items will be brought to the attention of a worldwide audience as our varied clientele visits from all over the globe. If you are unable to be present in our showrooms, our in-house, specialist sales team is your sales team and will provide an excellent service to clients in your absence. We can also arrange shipping on your behalf to ensure that the sales process with us runs as smoothly as possible.

To find out more about joining us as a dealer, call us today on 01427 857326.



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