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A closer look at: Antique stools

A closer look at: Antique stools


Antique stools are probably one of the oldest types of seating, standing the test of time for thousands of years. With so many varying in style, maker, purpose, quality and value, learning to identify specific types of antique stools will make sure you only invest in quality.

Types of antique stools

From antique piano stools to Victorian footstools, this kind of seat furniture comes in many shapes and sizes. There are avid collectors of antique stools out there, as well as keen-eyed interior designers on the prowl for accent pieces. Whether you fit into one of those categories, or are a dealer yourself, here are some of the most masterfully crafted pieces to spend your hard-earned money on.

Upholstered antique stools

With the invention of fixed padding as opposed to a squab cushion, upholstered antique stools came in around 1610 - reaching more and more homes towards the end of the 17th century. With handsome walnut now at their hands, carvers began to decorate all four sides of the stools they worked with. In 1700, the elegant cabriole leg came into existence. This meant joints could now be constructed with enough strength to get rid of the stretchers, giving way to the invention of double stools. Chippendale antique stools became widespread at this time - instantly recognisable by furniture buffs by the maker’s ornate Gothic-style accents. Stools are becoming popular in homes again, especially those that can double up as a coffee or magazine table, or sturdy double-seaters. A quality pair of Queen Anne stools can sell at auction for more than £20,000 - with even copies from 1910 fetching up to £4,000.

Antique foot stools

The Victorians loved their stools - fancy examples from this era took their elegant looks from finds in Egyptian tombs. On top of the style-revival pieces, though, Victorian innovation paved the way to new novelty furniture, including antique foot stools. Some foot stools even had in-built hot water bottles! A godsend on winter days, no doubt. A quality pair of giltwood antique foot stools from 1850 can value at £1,000 to £1,500, even if the upholstery is modern. A single example will fetch up to £400.

Antique piano stools

Claw-foot or swivel? The different styles of antique piano stools make them fascinating items to collect and sell. Popular during the Victorian period (around 1837 to 1901), examples from this time can sell for hundreds, depending on the quality, material and condition. Pay attention to the type of wood - antique piano stools are made in everything from beech to mahogany, oak to walnut. Those in solid rosewood often command higher prices.

Where to find antique stools for sale

Whether you have your hopes set on a mahogany footrest or a walnut piano seat, all of our antique stools for sale are genuine quality pieces at respectable prices. Pick out your favourites from the antique stool collection on our website, or see them with your own eyes with a day at Hemswell Antiques Centres, just a few miles from lovely Lincoln. Antiques lovers from around the globe plan destination trips to trawl through our treasures throughout the year - and they always return.

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