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What is mid-century modern design?

What defines mid-century modern design? What are the characteristics of mid century modern furniture? Our guide to this ever-popular style movement in vintage furniture will explain all.

Antique dining tables: how to make them work in a modern setting

When creating the perfect setting for entertaining, you should aim for a sense of balance. Here, we show you how this can be achieved by combining antique pieces with contemporary pieces.

English Antique Furniture Periods – a collector’s guide

What are the different periods of antique furniture? And how can I tell the period of my furniture? Our collector’s guide has all the information you need to recognise and identify the different styles of period furniture.
antique dining table

Space saving dining tables for small spaces big on character

Finding the perfect antique dining table for a modern home doesn't have to be difficult with our guide to tables for smaller spaces.
Antique desk

The great desk decision - why buying an antique desk is best

If you are considering a new desk, our guide will show you why an antique is the best solution, and which one to choose.
A closer look at: Antique stools

A closer look at: Antique stools

Antique stools are probably one of the oldest types of seating, standing the test of time for thousands of years. With so many varying in style, maker, purpose, quality and value, learning to identify specific types of antique stools will make sure you only invest in quality.
How to price antique wares

How to price antique wares

It's brilliant finding a bargain yourself, but no dealer wants to undercharge on their stock. Knowing how to price antique goods comes naturally to the experienced eye.

Creating a dream office space with antique library furniture

We may no longer have libraries in our homes - those special high-ceilinged rooms adorned with imaginative antique library bookcases. But that doesn’t mean you can’t inject this 18th and 19th-century flair into modern office spaces.

Edwardian bookcases & beyond: why brown furniture is bang on-trend

Flatpacks have had their heyday - homemakers, collectors and taste setters yearn for the individual craftsmanship and centuries-old hardiness that comes with furniture from the past. Today, we’re heralding the return of brown furniture - from antique walnut desks to oak Edwardian bookcases.
How to spot an antique

How to spot an antique

Part of the pleasure of collecting is knowing how to spot an antique. The surge of joy as you turn over a treasure to find a rare maker’s mark, the pure happiness of trawling a good antique’s centre.