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Antique dining tables in the 21st century home

Antique dining tables in the 21st century home


For many people, the thought of using antique tables in a modern home is daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Our latest guide shows you how to incorporate antique tables into a 21st century setting.

The biggest difference between modern homes and those of bygone days is the proportions, with contemporary new-builds being smaller and more compact. This can impact the type of table you pick, particularly when choosing a dining table, with fewer homes today having a separate dining room.

Antique dining tables

Drop leaf tablesantique drop leaf dining tables are a great addition to a dining area and are the perfect space saver in smaller homes. Offering a variety of shapes and wood, you can find a drop-leaf dining table to suit every setting.

Extendable dining tablesantique extending dining tables work well in spaces that need to accommodate a larger table, for example at special occasions like Christmas Dinner for family and friends, but where large numbers are not catered for on a regular basis. These offer a modestly sized dining table that will extend, sometimes doubling the surface area available and come in a choice of woods, including teak and walnut.

Round dining tables – an antique round dining table doesn’t usually spring to mind when furnishing small-medium sized spaces but in fact, they allow guests to sit the whole way round and every inch of surface area can be used. Round dining tables can be more sociable too as all diners can see each other which encourages free-flowing conversation.         

Pine dining tables – an antique pine dining table is an obvious choice for a modern home; pine is easy to clean (perfect for a kitchen/diner or for families with younger children) and offers a timeless look for homes of any style. It ages well over time and can be brought back to life easily if it starts to look tired.

How to style an antique dining table in a modern home

Regardless of style of dining table you choose, it’s important to consider its proportions and how to dress the room to showcase it at its best. Décor, soft furnishings and colour palette all contribute to making it feel like your dining room belongs, and there are lots of tips in how to make an antique dining table work in a modern setting.

The difference between a fake and an investment

There are sadly many fake items that find themselves on the market but there are things to keep your eye out for.

  • Check that tabletops match their undercarriages and have not been replaced later in the life of the table.
  • The patina on a genuine antique dining table cannot be faked so look closely, examining a piece in person whenever possible.
  • Your antique dining table will not be perfect. Legs for example, will rarely be identical to each other and there may be variations in shape and detailing but this is to be expected from a hand-crafted piece made before modern power tools.
  • Genuine antique hardware will show signs of age and wear and tear so be wary of modern screws and nails, and check that hinges are genuine and hand-made too.

Antique dining tables from Hemswell Antique Centres

The search for the perfect antique dining table is made so much easier with a trip to Hemswell Antique Centres. Take as long as you want to browse our four buildings, which house every type of antique dining tables and pine dining tables from hundreds of specialist dealers, stopping along the way to take on refreshments in one of our two coffee shops. Our dealers have taken the legwork out of your search and of course, you will never have to worry about the authenticity of any piece. For corporate and overseas clients, wishing to make multiple purchases, we are able to offer virtual tours allowing you to view pieces close up, without attending the centres in person.

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