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19th-Century Furniture Articles

Antique furniture wood: an antique dealer’s guide

Antique furniture wood: an antique dealer’s guide

From the mahogany pieces so beloved in the Georgian era, to the clean, teak lines of mid-century furniture, period furniture is made from a variety of woods. Here, we look at the most popular.

English Antique Furniture Periods – a collector’s guide

What are the different periods of antique furniture? And how can I tell the period of my furniture? Our collector’s guide has all the information you need to recognise and identify the different styles of period furniture.
antique cabinet with glass

The Joy of Antique Cabinets & How to Spot a Valuable Example

Our ancestors storage and display needs were always met with grandeur. Despite being some of the most expensive furniture ever made, many antique cabinets can be found at affordable prices. Wonderfully varied, you could land upon chunky antique shop display cabinets at an auction one day followed by a slinky pair of antique bedside cabinets the next.
Antique Table Close Up

Antique tables: A buyer’s guide

From portable pieces to hefty dining tables, antique tables are wildly varied in style, quality, colour and size. Which also means they come with a range of price tags. Whatever your budget, you’ll be able to find antique tables for sale at fair values at Hemswell - the largest antiques centre in Europe. But first, you’ll want a good idea of what you’re looking for. Get to know your antique tables with our handy guide.
Antique chest of drawers

Antique wardrobes: A guide to buying and selling bedroom furniture

The flat-pack generation has played a huge role in the fall of antique sales. Cheap and cheerful designs, along with changing tastes and a recession, has hit the market hard.
Antique dresser - Victorian dressers & all things dark: why 19th-century furniture is back in vogue

Victorian dressers & all things dark: why 19th-century furniture is back in vogue

Period dramas are in vogue right now and with them comes a return to the trend for period furniture.