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How to identify 20th century ceramics

How to identify 20th century ceramics: an antique dealer’s guide

20th century ceramics is a highly popular area of collectables for the novice and the experienced collector alike. Our latest guide looks at how to identify it, and what to look for.

A guide to Chinese antiques

Chinese antiques have enjoyed an enduring popularity that is as strong today as ever. But, what types of Chinese antiques are there and why are they so popular?

Antique oriental ceramics – what’s valuable and what’s not

How can you tell the difference between antique oriental ceramics? How do you know if they are valuable? We investigate the difference between Chinese and Japanese ceramics and explain the markings you should look out for.

How to decorate your home with vintage ceramics

Don’t relegate your vintage ceramics to the bathroom and kitchen! Beautiful and versatile, vintage ceramics can be introduced into every room in the house

The world of antique ceramic – what’s valuable and what’s not

From the living room to the bathroom, antique ceramic pieces can reinvigorate any space and although some may be centuries old, ceramic is as popular today as ever, amongst interior enthusiasts desiring traditional designs.
Cupboard collectables - A guide to antique bowls, mugs and cups

Cupboard collectables: A guide to antique bowls, mugs and cups

The phenomenal variety of antique bowls, mugs and cups - combined with their practical uses and easy-to-store nature - makes them extremely appealing items to collect. From deep cut-glass dishes to antique silver cups, here are the most collectable and where to find them.
How to price antique wares

How to price antique wares

It's brilliant finding a bargain yourself, but no dealer wants to undercharge on their stock. Knowing how to price antique goods comes naturally to the experienced eye.

Making money from antique dinner service wares

There is so much to talk about - and many an investment to be made in - the antique dinner service realm.