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Silver Articles

How to clean antique silver

With so much conflicting advice available online about how to clean antique silver, our experts take a look at exactly how to care for vintage and antique silver pieces from antique jewellery to antique silver teapots.

Antique silver and antique silver plate – what’s the difference?

Collecting silver and silver plated items has always been popular, but what exactly is the difference between the two? And how are prices impacted? This guide will help novice collectors starting out on their silver journey.

Everything you need to know about collecting antique silver spoons

Are antique spoons valuable and how can you tell if a spoon is antique? Are some types of spoon more collectable than others? Our guide to antique spoons has the answer to these, and many more questions.

Silver hallmarks: how to tell if your silver is antique

Do you know how to tell if your silver is antique? Or where to start to identify silver hallmarks? Or even where to look for hallmarks? This easy guide will show you what you need to know.
Cupboard collectables - A guide to antique bowls, mugs and cups

Cupboard collectables: A guide to antique bowls, mugs and cups

The phenomenal variety of antique bowls, mugs and cups - combined with their practical uses and easy-to-store nature - makes them extremely appealing items to collect. From deep cut-glass dishes to antique silver cups, here are the most collectable and where to find them.