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Christmas gift ideas for antique lovers

Christmas gifts for antique lovers can be hard to source. Most antiquarians have distinctly unique tastes - and their homes are curated to express it. But that doesn’t mean you should just abandon all hope and buy them another pair of socks.

Making money from antique dinner service wares

There is so much to talk about - and many an investment to be made in - the antique dinner service realm.

Antique figurines: how to find one-of-a-kind ornaments

If there’s one thing we know about antique lovers, it’s that they know their style. Their homes are either perfectly curated or eclectically unique.

A closer look at: Antique screens

Antique screens were originally crafted for functional purposes, to protect sitters from draughts or heat. They quickly became stunning decorative items in their own right - and still are today.

Flavour of the past: A guide to antique kitchen chairs, tables & dressers

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. How charming, then, to adorn yours with pieces of the past.

The only way is oak: Two furniture makers that will make you money

Nothing is quite as British as oak. It’s a national symbol of Blighty’s strength, power and resilience. Thanks to its remarkable durability, many of the latter are still around today.

RAF Hemswell Memorial Day 2019 - Armistice Day

This years RAF Hemswell Day will be a Joint Service incorporating Remembrance Day on 11th November 2019

How to transform your home with antique tiles

From the hallway to the bathroom, antique tiles can breathe new life into any space. Tiles have been a thing for thousands of years, since the Industrial Revolution allowed homeowners of Victorian England to tile their floors inexpensively.

Creating a dream office space with antique library furniture

We may no longer have libraries in our homes - those special high-ceilinged rooms adorned with imaginative antique library bookcases. But that doesn’t mean you can’t inject this 18th and 19th-century flair into modern office spaces.

A collector’s guide to antique swords, armour & other war memorabilia

The artefacts of war - from antique swords and uniforms to badges and tobacco tins - give collectors a captivating glimpse into soldiers’ personal lives and possessions.